Beginners in the use of vibrators and dildos: tips and how to start

The dildos and vibrators are the erotic accessory that par excellence is positioned in the ranking of the first to accompany you on the journey in this vast world of sex toys. This for quite convincing reasons, since they are capable of generating endless sensations in various areas, thanks to the wide variety of designs, shapes, sizes and textures that you can locate and which are intended to stimulate diversity of areas in the genital area. The point is that you can choose the one that best suits your expectations and thus begin to enjoy each and every one of them.



Let's get to know a little more


Let's learn a little about the types of dildos and vibrators that exist, starting with dildos:
- Simple dildos: this type of dildo is one of the simplest you can find in this wide market, being a sex toy made with the intention of pleasing those who only have the desire to satisfy their imagination in terms of shape, size, color and texture of the penis. They offer a totally flexible and ergonomic shape that allows you to reach points of pleasure never before explored.
- Double dildos: with this type of dildos you can let your imagination go a little bit further than conventional, since they allow you to either first stimulate the anus and vaginal areas during masturbation or encounter with homosexual couples who wish to take the style of their sexuality a little further, thus achieving the stimulus at the same time and rhythm. You can locate them by their two characteristic forms: one with its characteristic shape to stimulate anus and vagina and those with a larger diameter to be stimulated simultaneously with the couple.
- G-spot dildos: These dildos, as their name indicates, are designed to stimulate that area so sought after by women, the G-spot! They have a curvature that helps you locate this area very easily, allowing you to stimulate it with much more precision for much more intense and fascinating orgasms.
- Realistic: you can find in them an experience much closer to that experienced in a real intimate encounter with your partner, as they try to imitate in almost every detail the structure, shape and different textures of the male sexual member. If you prefer to live an experience that is not so far from reality, but in which you have total control, this will undoubtedly be the ally par excellence.


Let's continue now with our best allies, the vibrators:


- Prancing Bunny: So far we've only mentioned erotic accessories that help you locate specific pleasure spots, but what about one that can cover several areas at once? Well, yes! The Prancing Rabbit is able to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time so that you can achieve greater amounts of pleasure and provide a much more complete exploration experience.
- Clitoris suction: if you want to stimulate your clitoris in a different and totally pleasant way, this is the erotic accessory you need, since it allows you to reach that area in a very simple way, it has a delicate circular mouth whose purpose is to be placed in the clitoral area in order to achieve its stimulation. The experience is very similar to that originated during oral sex, would you try it?
- Anal Vibrators: For those who wish to expand their expectations in pleasure and explore new areas, this erotic accessory is the ideal one for you. It is designed to stimulate the anal area in a safe and hygienic way. Anal vibrators are your best ally if you want to enter this wonderful world of anal stimulation, give it a try!



What should I consider when choosing the right dildo or vibrator for me?


After reading all the above and noticing the incredible contributions that the use of some of these erotic accessories would bring, you will probably be asking yourself which is the ideal dildo or vibrator for me? The truth is that this has a lot to do with the type of sensations you want to experience, your experience and the needs you want to cover. So here are some factors to consider when choosing your next best friend.
- Plan your decision with confidence: it is normal to feel a little scared at the beginning of any decision, and even more so if it is something you will experience with your body and you don't know if it will really meet all your expectations. What really happens is that once you have the idea of wanting to experience a new way of experiencing pleasure, you just have to be sure what your expectations, desires and what you really want to achieve with this erotic accessory are.
- The material is also important: usually these erotic toys are made of PVC, a type of plastic. This type of material cannot be used for more than twelve hours a week, as it can contain phthalates which, after excessive contact with our bodies, can cause damage in various areas. However, this is not the only material in which you can get dildos and vibrators, other materials much more recommended are: metal, latex, silicone and jelly. Each of these materials can significantly influence the sensations experienced.
- Recognize what you want: knowing very clearly what your body needs is the indispensable key to locate the erotic toy that can satisfy this need. Likewise, it is important that you never! limit your expectations and desires, since these are the ones that will allow you to live an unprecedented experience. Dare to take the step today! The worst thing that can happen is that you soon want to go a little further and at the last moment surprise your partner with everything you have learned about yourself in this broad path of self-exploration. 
Giving yourself the opportunity to learn new ways to explore your body and get pleasure never has to be too complicated a task, but rather an adventure full of emotions and a lot of energy. Remember that personal pleasure cannot be postponed or replaced, your time is now!

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