Benefits Masturbation

Benefits of Masturbation 

You have probably heard many times about masturbation and, not only heard, but also tried the incredible sensations you can experience if you practice it.

Masturbación Femenina

 What is masturbation and why should I know about it?

Masturbation is well known for being a practice that consists of the stimulation of the genitals with the purpose of achieving excitement and consequently orgasm.

Myth vs. reality

Now, despite being a practice that is no secret to anyone, this has also been defined as a negative practice, even finding informative material that highlights multiple negative aspects of it, which are absolutely false. Among these negative aspects are: fracture of the penis, internal bleeding, or decreased productivity, which only occurs in cases where the handling and control of the frequency of masturbation has gotten out of hand, while this is not the case the results can only be satisfactorily positive.

Masturbación representada

What's true is:

With this in mind, let's learn about the many benefits masturbation can bring you:

- Self-knowledge: Let's start with one of the most outstanding and undoubtedly important, since it is very well known that, in order to guarantee that a sexual act is consumed under the encouraging streets of pleasure and satisfaction, both members of the same must know what and how they like to be stimulated in order to achieve the BOOM! Orgasm.

- Prostate cancer prevention: when ejaculation occurs, men release toxins that can be harmful to health, which is why it is recommended that men maintain a minimum of three ejaculations per week, the most recommended being to reach five ejaculations, for a total of twenty per month. Nothing complicated and very satisfying!

- Stress reduction: it's not just a whim to put this aspect here, but science has discovered that, thanks to the release of endorphins that occurs at the time of getting pleasure from masturbation, stress levels drop suddenly, this accompanied by the fact that generally the same is done alone, which leads you to stay much more relaxed.

- Strengthen the intimacy of your relationship: if you choose to masturbate together with your partner, the benefits for your relationship will be very noticeable, since a different language will be implemented between you that will lead to a much more significant connection, in the same way that communication will improve.

Masturbación beneficios

Giving a little help to our accomplice: the hand.

Going a little bit further into the wide context that covers the world of masturbation, it is important to mention that it is not an activity in which one should only delimit benefits and contraindications, but it is also fundamental to know the scope of this in the space that covers sexuality in general.

That is why we dare to assume that throughout the reading you have imagined this practice carried out only by hand, but to your surprise, now in the sex toy industry there is a wide range of articles designed to accompany you in this so exciting, involving and satisfying path of self-knowledge. So now all the work will not be only thanks to the reach of your hands.

dildos masturbadores

Forget about traditional masturbation and add a much more daring, innovative and totally exciting touch to your sexuality with these erotic accessories that, in the company of your creativity, will add magic to those four walls that make up your room when you are alone or, why not, when you want to innovate with your partner.

Masturbador femenino

What am I missing?

There is a wide variety, in which you can find the following erotic toys designed explicitly for the game of masturbation:

- Dildos: which are able to fulfill your most creative fantasies, thanks to their variety in size, colors and textures. They also have a wide range for better handling and greater pleasure.

vibrador en la cama

- Vibrators: those who incorporate vibratory patterns to intensify the sensations. You can find several types, among which are: rampant bunnies, anal vibrators, clitoral suction and many more.

Vibrador femenino

- Penis rings: designed to give men pleasure, you can find them with or without vibration. It all depends on what you prefer. It's your time to feel!  

Penis rings - anillos para el pene

- Masturbatory and vibrating eggs: the ideal toy to keep your privacy discreet. Besides, with these you can take masturbation a little further without going outside the "normal" as its shape, size, texture and effectiveness will give you fascinating results.

Vibrating eggs

So that you have no doubts!

Now that you've learned about the many benefits of masturbation, and not only that, but you've also shown that you have a sea of possibilities before you to perform it in intimacy or with the help of your partner, what are you waiting for? Don't let someone else tell you tomorrow and live your own experience with the accessory of your preference and let the pleasure run through each of your senses.

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