Benefits of pelvic floor exercises
Very little is known today about the pelvic floor and its importance in the exercise of sexuality and the general well-being of the female and male reproductive area. In this sense, let's start by clearly understanding what this is all about.

What is the pelvic floor?

It is a set of muscles, whose function is to support the organs of the pelvic system, such as the bladder, uterus, urethra and rectum. Likewise, it helps to provide stability to the areas of the spine and the pelvis. This is how it is understood that, when these muscles are not in adequate conditions, a weakening occurs and therefore the act of supporting the above-mentioned organs is significantly diminished, thus significantly altering their function. That is why it is important to know it and also to know the exercises to keep this area in optimal conditions for our health in general.

Why does the pelvic floor weaken?

There are many reasons over the course of a lifetime why the pelvic floor often weakens, and these include
- Weakness of muscle tissues and ligaments: This may be related to genetics or also linked to other conditions such as nerves or chronic coughing, which directly affect the muscles. They can also influence the use of specific medicines or infections.
- Playing sports: some activities can generate constant pressure on the pelvic area, which increases the risk of weakening that area. These activities may be related to playing sports such as football or weightlifting.
- Pregnancy and menopause: menopause is a process in which various changes occur in the female reproductive area and pregnancy causes weight gain inside the belly area and also causes a host of hormonal changes, all of which have a significant impact on the well-being of the pelvic floor.

The man and the pelvic floor

You may be thinking that this is a women-only issue, but the truth is that it is not, since men also have a pelvic floor in their reproductive system that performs exactly the same functions but, because they don't face activities such as labor, menstrual cycles, or some other intense hormonal variations, they are usually not affected to the same extent as women. However, it never hurts to know that you, as a man, can also exercise your pelvic floor.
In men, some of the causes that can interfere with the weakening of this set of symptoms are overweight, constipation or playing extreme sports. You can identify problems in the pelvic floor if you have problems with urinary or fecal incontinence or if you feel pain during erection or ejaculation.

What are the benefits of exercising the pelvic floor?

Most likely, as you read this article, you will have come to realize more clearly what the direct benefits of keeping our pelvic floor optimized are from practicing the exercises designed for this purpose. Below, we will name the most important benefits:

- Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles: one of the main recommendations for pelvic floor exercises is clearly the strengthening of the pelvic floor.
- Control of urinary incontinence: as this is one of the main conditions following the weakening of the pelvic floor, these exercises can also be directed at the control of urinary incontinence and even faecal incontinence.
- Improves the quality of orgasms: since you have greater control over this area, which is acquired after the practice of pelvic floor exercises, you can also maintain greater control over your orgasms and at the same time improve the lubrication and elasticity of the genitals, in the case of women and a better quality of erection and ejaculation in the case of men.

Kegel exercises

These exercises are the most recognized and beneficial for strengthening the pelvic floor, thanks to their great scope in this regard. Let's know a little about it.
These exercises are named after their creator, Dr. Arnold Kegel and consist of a series of synchronized repetitions of contraction and relaxation of the muscles in the pelvic area. The ideal way to obtain positive results is to perform them several times a day, keeping in mind not to do them while you are urinating, as this may cause discomfort or pain.

A more fun way to do it!

The good news is that the practice of these exercises does not have to be done by traditional means, since nowadays a great variety of erotic toys have been designed that provide impressive benefits if they are accompanied by Kegel exercises and at the same time they give you great pleasure and allow you to open up a wide panorama of erotic games. Below, we show you which are these erotic accessories that you can add to your sexual routine today.


- Chinese balls: which were originally designed for medical purposes only, but today they fulfill several functions, among which the use for playing before your intimate encounters stands out. These Chinese balls have vibration patterns that when introduced into the vagina and perform your daily activities will be activated, causing a stir of pleasure throughout the day or, as long as you decide. Simply amazing!
- Vibrating balls: these, unlike the previous ones if they are known for their fascinating erotic purposes, however, are also enormously useful for the practice of Kegel exercises, thus being a fundamental part in the practice of pelvic floor exercises.
- Anal balls: as strange as it may sound, the truth is that stimulating the anal area with these balls is also beneficial for the pelvic floor, since as we mentioned on one occasion, the pelvic floor is also an important part of the support of the rectum and its surroundings.
Don't think about it anymore! Start your pelvic floor Kegel exercise routine today and work on your overall health while keeping eroticism alive, either alone or with your partner.

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