Benefits of using lubricants

There are multiple sensation enhancers in the sexual area, a series of products that in themselves have specific purposes and are capable of making the difference between a monotonous sexual encounter and an explosion of pleasureSexual lubricants play an important role in this task of generating a change in traditional sensations to make them totally genuine and much more exciting.

What is a sexual lubricant?

They are a type of gel that is used to generate in the areas either of the anus or the vagina a wet sensation and thus make penetration much smoother and more pleasant. Sexual lubricants have no age limit and can be used in any situation you wish, since there are several types of lubricants that we will be talking about next.

Types of sexual lubricants

- Water-based lubricant: they are the lightest and therefore easy to clean. It has no restrictions, so you can use it for anal or vaginal sex without problems. You can find them in a variety of flavors and as the only inconvenience you will find it evaporates quickly, however, with a little more application you will have already solved the problem. This type of lubricant is not recommended for games or sex in the shower or in areas involving water.

- Silicone-based lubricant: requested because it has the ability to generate a very soft feeling and facilitate penetration without a sticky feeling. These to differences of those of watery base, they are maintained a little more, reason why you do not have to apply constantly, reason why they are most recommended at the time of making the anal sex. In addition, with this lubricant will not have any problem for games in the shower, do you encourage?

- Oil-based lubricants: one of the things you should keep in mind when using this type of lubricant is that they are not compatible with latex, so the use of a condom will be impossible. They are ideal for those who want to start using the lubricant and are looking for a much less aggressive solution for the skin, which can prepare it for future opportunities with other types of sexual lubricants. A small problem with using this type of lubricant is that it is a little difficult to wash off on the skin areas or sheets.


When to use sexual lubricants?

There are no specific parameters that tell you when to use and when not to use a sexual lubricant, however, there are options where using one could be the answer to a much more pleasurable sexual activity. Here are a few:

- Menopause: during this process the cervical fluid decreases significantly, so it generates dryness in the vaginal area. For this reason, we even recommend the use of water-based lubricant on a daily basis, since this dryness can also generate irritation in women.
- Contraceptive use: maintaining a contraceptive control directly affects the process of lubrication in women, occurring an effect similar to that of menopause.
- Anal sex: this is because, as we must know, the anus does not produce a lubrication in itself, so if you want to perform anal sex, a silicone-based lubricant is your best option.
- Use of condom: since it is a material different from skin, it can generate friction, which consequently would conclude in irritation. With latex you can choose any type of sexual lubricant of your preference, except for the oil-based one.
- Use of sex toys or foreplay: the use of lubricant is also recommended in the practice with sex toys, since they are also made of different materials and can cause irritation if not used properly and with the help of a lubricant. In the same way, the use of lubricants in foreplay or masturbation is also quite useful since the sensations are intensified.

What you should know if it is your first time

If you are about to start experimenting with lubricants, it is best to avoid using those that contain artificial flavors, aromas, additives or colors, since you do not know how your skin will react to these types of components and the results would be totally different from those actually expected after the use of these lubricant gels.
On the other hand, it is also important that you take into account that some conditions in the area of the vagina, the anus or the penis when it comes to intimacy do not always have to do with the type of lubricant you use, or more clearly with whether you use it or not; therefore, if you continue to have discomfort even after starting your routine with a specific lubricant, visit your doctor you trust to rule out any type of condition that could be damaging.

Now that you recognize the wide range of not only pleasurable, but also health benefits that the proper use of lubricants during your sexual relations or outside of them in your daily life can provide, you are ready for the adventure, the decision is in your hands. Always remember that changing the rhythm of your sexuality depends on you and each time there are many tools that the market provides you and make your sexual routine a whole world of new and amazing experiences.

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