How to care for sex toys
The use of sex toys is no longer a taboo subject in most relationships, as more and more people are daring to enhance their sexuality with the help of these amazing allies which, if used properly, can make the difference between an extremely exciting sexuality, or one that is immersed in monotony.
From this point on, it is necessary to know how to keep our sex toys in optimal conditions and also to know which is the most adequate way to take care of their hygiene to free us from uncomfortable moments and infections. Next, we will mention the most important points when taking care of your sex toys, not without first talking a little about them so that you can familiarize yourself with them.

What are sex toys?

They are an outstanding group of objects manufactured with a variety of materials such as silicone, gelatin, jelly, latex, glass, metal or acrylic and whose purpose is to intensify the sensations or in some cases facilitate the stimulation in sexual intimacy. That is why they are so sought after today by all those who seek to experience their sexuality in a different way. In any case, the decision to incorporate them into your sexual life or not, is a totally personal one.

Why use sex toys?

There is no specific reason why sex toys should be used, however, there are situations in which their use becomes a highly beneficial factor, among these is anal sex, this is because as the anus is a narrow cavity and lacks lubrication, the use of an appropriate erotic toy and a specific lubricant is the way to facilitate penetration and increase sensations, freeing us at the same time from friction and injuries.
It also proves to be a useful tool when talking about homosexual or transsexual sex, as they help the person to clearly position their roles and strengthen their identity. In other cases, where it is beneficial is in people who have some kind of difficulty or dysfunction, as in the case of erectile dysfunction or menopause.

What types of sex toys are there?

There are multiple types of sex toys, each with a specific purpose and benefit, among these types we find

- Vibrators: these come equipped with vibration patterns that are designed for the stimulation of the anus, penis or vagina.
- Dildos: this sex toy imitates the phallic form of the male member and are designed to be inserted into the anus or vagina.
- Penis rings: designed explicitly for male sexual pleasure, they can increase sensitivity and blood retention in the penis, thus delaying the moment of ejaculation and enlarging the natural size of the penis.
- Chinese balls: they are an erotic toy with a circular shape that is introduced inside the vagina and that not only benefits the sexual pleasure area, but also helps to strengthen the pelvic floor with the help of Kegel exercises.
- Sexual harnesses: this is a penis sleeve that is placed at hip level and that mainly helps those men with erection or premature ejaculation problems and is also useful in lesbian intimate relationships.

How do I take care of my sex toys?

If you have been anxious to get to this part because you have already started using sex toys or, on the contrary, if after reading all of the above you have made the decision to go and buy your first sex toy, it is important that you know how to sterilize it every time you use it, since this is how you will be able to keep yourself free from uncomfortable infections.
One of the first things you should know is that there are sex toy cleaners, which are designed especially thinking about the general materials with which they are manufactured, this in order to ensure their conservation and at the same time offer the best cleaning experience, of these you can find two types, we describe them below:
- Rigid material: this type of cleaner is responsible for sterilizing those built in metal, glass or crystal, which are usually much easier to clean. With these toys you can use cleaners with alcohol, neutral, natural or with antibacterial. Similarly, before cleaning them, you can help with a little warm water and some neutral soap.
- Plastic or acrylic material: with a much more practical cleaning, with this type of toy you can also implement neutral soap and warm water and then apply the cleaner that can be with or without alcohol, antibacterial or natural.
These sex toy cleaners can be found in small toy-cleaners that can even include accessories such as brushes, cotton or special sponges to be used with your sex toys. The important thing is that you can always have a good cleaning kit for your toys within reach, at the same time it is also important to have a space where you can keep it, as this space must be completely free of humidity and must also be a space that is always kept clean.
Be especially careful with toys that have porous shapes, since they easily absorb moisture and can store traces of lubricant or fluids secreted during sex, so it is also recommended that these be used with a condom, in order to form a much more effective protective barrier for the toy and for you.
Similarly, it is important that when you buy your sex toy you avoid buying those whose material is doubtful, since on many occasions you may come across materials that contain toxic substances that come into direct contact with your skin and affect your health.
Knowing all this and always having it in mind, you are ready to acquire your ideal sex toy. What are you waiting for? The pleasure is waiting for you.

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