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As we well know, from our first senses of consciousness we are sexed, forming this an important part of our development and, consequently, of our quality of life. We see this from the importance of contact with our mother during the first years of life through breastfeeding and caresses, to our adulthood where sexuality takes on much more developed and fundamental aspects in the development of our lives.

As important as this is to us, it is a subject that is riddled with taboos that keep it low profile, which leads us to erroneous beliefs and can subsequently lead to sexual dissatisfaction and other factors that directly affect our performance in our daily lives


 Through the exercise of sexuality, we obtain diverse benefits, since from this we can give expression to our loving feelings towards that special person, at the same time that we experience pleasure. In this way we work on ourselves, strengthening at the same time the development of our self-esteem.
In this sense, it is important to know that, sexuality is always something that must be consensual, so communication is a key factor. Expressing what you like, what you don't like and how far you are willing to go in your intimacy are key factors for a healthy and beneficial sexuality.
In contrast, it is also important to know that in the expression of sexuality
Factors such as age, culture, social and family context play a major role. That is why it is important to always express your tastes, needs and expectations, accompanied by everything you definitely do not want in your intimacy.

How do I know if my sexual habits are adequate?

To find out if you are practicing a healthy sexuality that provides positive rather than negative benefits, you should keep the following in mind:
- You don't feel uncomfortable during sexual intercourse: this is because there is a good quality of communication and each member of the couple knows what they want, need and also knows the wishes and needs of their partner.
- Sexual encounters are not forced: they arise rather as a need of both, in which the pleasure is let go without precedent.
- Creativity and imagination are always present: it is always important and fundamental for both members to reinvent themselves in new ways of experiencing pleasure, so they are constantly investigating trends in sexuality, eroticism and pleasure.


Sexuality is not only shared

In order to share a healthy and optimal sexuality with a partner, you must first start working with yourself, because if you don't know your own needs, you can't even approach the knowledge of your lover's. That is why there are several factors that you can do alone and that, when sharing intimacy with another, will make the experience totally wonderful and enriching.

- Taking care of your sexual and reproductive health: this is a totally personal aspect, in which individually you must add to your lifestyle routines that allow you to take care of the health of your genitals and at the same time decide when to carry out reproduction together with your partner.
- Be constantly informed: knowing all the new tools that the market offers regarding eroticism, intimate care and pleasure is fundamental to expand your sexuality and intimacy. Also take into account that, although the internet is a rich source of information, many times we can come across information that is not exactly true, so you can complement it by going to sexual health professionals.
- Health and sexuality: it is also important that you maintain a routine of sleep, food and healthy hydration, since as we have mentioned before, sexuality fulfills tasks of reciprocity with these habits.


Sexual Health and Masturbation

The taboos surrounding the subject of sexuality are also very much ingrained in the subject of masturbation, making it increasingly a subject that should not even be mentioned. In spite of this, it is also true that all people, at least once, have walked this path of self-exploration.
How can we avoid it? If self-exploration allows us great scope in terms of pleasure, eroticism and in turn, allows us to expand our knowledge about how we can reach the climax effectively. Knowing this will allow you to open up to new experiences together with your partner. Similarly, you can expand on this practice with the help of erotic toys designed specifically for the pleasure of self-exploration. Below, we will show you some of the most relevant ones:
- Rampant Bunny: With this sex toy you can achieve great sensations, since with it you can stimulate not only the external area of your vagina to embrace the clitoris, but you can also achieve internal stimulation, reaching the G-spot.
- Clitoral Stimulator: With this type of sex toy, you can achieve pleasure after clitoral stimulation, especially for those clitoral girls! In which erotic pleasure is mostly concentrated in this area.
- Vibrating rings: designed explicitly for men, helping you to maintain your erection for much longer and if you want to use it in a couple you can also generate pleasure in the female clitoris during intercourse with the use of this toy.

Keep in mind

It is not only in the genitals that we can find sexual pleasure. The skin is known as the largest sexual organ of our entire body, so implementing techniques that include caresses, massages, among others, will make you experience with much more intensity every intimate encounter you have with your loved one.
Also remember that, foreplay will always give an exceptional plus to your intimacy. This will provide benefits to the excitement phase, achieving then an ideal erection in the case of men and the correct dilation and lubrication of the vagina in the case of women. In this way you will avoid accidents and the sexual experience will be much more satisfactory.

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