How to start anal sex?
Anal sex is currently positioned as one of the sexual topics that most keeps an aura of taboo around it, however, this has not been an obstacle for those people who want to experience a little further in this network, but enormously satisfying world of sexuality. Here's a little bit about getting started in anal sex, because if you've come this far, it's for a reason, right? Come on!


The first step is important


In all situations where two people are involved it is very important to take into account what the other person feels with whom we want to experiment. Therefore, below we will comment a little on what you should take into account both personally and together with your partner when it comes to practicing anal sex
- Communicate it: if you want to venture into this path and you want your partner's company, the first step is to let him/her know. Don't forget that maintaining good communication, which implies being open and above all assertive, will be the way to success so that everything flows satisfactorily. This is because it is of great importance that both are willing and therefore assume the role that will occupy each member.
- Be informed: knowing what you want to experience and everything that understands it is extremely important for the experience to be totally pleasant and satisfactory. Always make sure you know the pros and cons of practicing anal sex in different ways and what to look out for. This will also help you to know what your limits are and also to know more openly those of your partner.
So far, two first factors that are fundamental when it comes to wanting to venture into this magnificent world, now, we will show you what is most important once you have made the decision and are ready to start feeling this new experience.
- Lubrication: the anus, unlike the genitals, does not produce natural lubrication, so it is essential that before starting with the stimulation of it, a lubricant is used, which should preferably be water-based, which, as its name indicates, are made of water, which makes them much easier to slide, unlike those made of oil or silicone and are designed to produce another type of lubrication for specific games. In this sense, it is also important for you to know that this type of lubricant allows you to play openly in the shower, since, since they are made with a water base, they do not present any reaction to water, however, they dry much faster, so you must add greater quantities.
- Foreplay: during a vaginal sexual encounter is extremely important and much more in anal sex, since we are talking about a penetration that does not occur in the same way and for which the body must be totally relaxed. That is why masturbation and the use of caresses prior to anal penetration will help you achieve the ideal lubrication for anal sex.


Prostate and anal sex


Sex always brings multiple benefits to the body, and in the case of anal sex the reality is no different since, by practicing the stimulation of the anal area, you also stimulate the prostate area which is intimately related to prostate cancer, besides that this area is a great protagonist in the male orgasm, so taking care of it has not only sexual but also therapeutic purposes. Are you going to waste the opportunity?


Anal sex and erotic toys


Understanding all the processes that anal stimulation can go through, the erotic accessory industry has designed a set of sex toys that will undoubtedly make you experience a much more enjoyable moment, accompanied by a totally unforgettable sensation. Here we will show you some of them:



- Anal Plugs and Dilators: they are a type of toy that without a doubt will become your ally when it comes to initiating anal stimulation, since it provides a fascinating experience, thanks to the variety of shapes, sizes and textures that can be found on the market, which intensify the sensations in the anal cavity.
- Prostate Stimulator: This erotic toy is specially designed to stimulate the P-spot in men, which is characterized by a rough texture and that, in addition, if stimulated continuously and correctly, can help to tone the muscles in that area, thus freeing us from prostate cancer.
Now that you are a little more familiar with this impressive adventure, do you dare? Take that big step and experience unprecedented sensations with your partner.

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