Monotonous sex in the couple and advice

Everywhere we can find aspects related to sex, however, many times it is inevitable to fall into the "same"? Filling our intimacy and life as a couple with such tedious monotony. A situation that in the long run can even lead to divorce or separation.


                                       Sexuality and the couple

As we have mentioned in other sections of our blog, sexuality is a fundamental aspect in our daily personal life and even more important in our life as a couple and the relationship we have with it. That is why it is so important to know that after a monotonous sex life, boredom will come sooner rather than later and the relationship will end. But don't let this scare you! Since there are always ways to identify the points that can cause monotony and consequently improve them.


 How do I know if my sex life is monotonous?

- Intimate encounters no longer occur with the same intensity as before and the frequency is also diminished.
- Almost never one or both members of the couple can reach orgasm.
- Everyday activities become heavier and cause discomfort such as headaches or excessive stress.
- Other areas of the couple have also been neglected: they no longer go out as much to share free time, the excitement diminishes and the dissatisfaction is constant.
Up to this point, everything is negative, but it is important for you to know that if your relationship is going through this situation it does not mean that it is over or that there is something wrong with you alone, since, at the current pace of performing daily tasks at work, studies, childcare, among other things, it is very common for these eventualities to occur, however, it is never too late to say goodbye! To monotony and Hello! to new ways of experiencing intimacy with your partner


                                                    What to do?

Once you are aware that your relationship and your intimacy in it is not the same as it used to be, you are ready to enter a world of wonderful possibilities to fight this, then we will tell you how you can start:
- Communicate: Having an open and assertive communication with your partner is the key starting point to overcome monotony as you will be able to know yourself and then your partner a little more.
- Add erotic toys and accessories: Adding erotic toys to your intimacy gives you new experiences and sensations, letting your creativity flow and surprising your partner.
- What you wear is important: you can also find different ways to enhance your attributes from the clothes you wear when you are intimate with your partner. Don't miss out on this and bring out that mischievous personality in you!
- Get to know yourself: in order to explore what your partner likes and where to exploit all his senses, you must first get to know yourself, otherwise the results you hope to obtain will not necessarily be the most reasonable. Knowing yourself is a key step in sexual performance with your partner.
- Involve all the senses: remember that the largest human sexual organ is the skin, and after that all the senses enter without much delay. Dare to innovate! With aromatic candles, edible clothes, whips, erotic music and such sexy nurse costume or clothes that highlight your most sensual attributes.


                                                  A little guide

 - Sex harnesses: if what makes you uncomfortable today is difficulty in maintaining an erection, the size of your penis or difficulties in controlling ejaculation, this sex toy is your best option, as it can simulate almost identically the male sex member.
- Anal Pleasure Kit and combos: because exploring a little beyond the conventional is never too much, and even less when you can find multiple tools to facilitate the experience and therefore make it much more enjoyable and pleasant. Do you dare?
- Erotic games: you can find a great variety of games in which you can let your imagination run wild. If you are attracted to the BDSM line you can find handcuffs, whips, floggers, dusterboards, cages and necklaces of all kinds, shapes and colours. You can also find more relaxed but exciting games with cards in which roles are indispensable, among many other wonders.
- Lingerie: in this section you can find a variety of suits that can be adapted to whatever your needs are. In this sense we talk about: babydolls, stockings and garter belts, sexy dresses, erotic costumes, nipples, masks, and special ones for big sizes, girlfriends and how not? lingerie also for men.
- Vibrators: this category offers a variety of accessories with which you can stimulate the intimate point you want: G-spot, clitoris or penis. In this section you can also find accessories that can be manipulated with a remote control, so that you can play with your partner at all times, no matter how far away you are. The time is right now.


                                            Change in one click

Today there are many paths you can take to combat the unwanted and unwelcome monotony. Beginning with shy bondage, or public encounters (with the required responsibility), to experiencing an encounter where only kisses and caresses play a role.
The distance is already the least of your worries, since you can make use of erotic toys that can be operated by remote control with the help of sexting, where imagination and eroticism take over your hands and texts that will make a totally conventional and energy-charged intimate encounter.
Take hold of your sexuality and let yourself be carried away by the magic of eroticism, passion and self-knowledge to consequently find that you and your partner can enjoy a totally satisfactory, creative and innovative sexuality. Beat the annoying monotony today, cultivate your relationship and empower your daily life for fascinatingly amazing results.


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