Sexuality without shame or taboo
Talking about sexuality can always bring with it a bit of shame, this thanks to the taboo charge that this subject has dragged with it over the years, however, over those same years, different knowledge has also been acquired that has led us to reinvent ourselves and exercise our sexuality in a different way and at the same time free us from these beliefs that limited us in terms of experiences and sensations.

How can I forget the shame in my sexuality?

Probably, on many occasions you have felt ashamed of some discomfort or preference in reference to your sexuality and believe it or not, this has much more to do with the fact that you do not accept it in the first place and not with what the other person will or will not think. This is why it is quite logical that in order to live a sexuality free of shame and without any kind of taboo, we must first know what our values and beliefs are with respect to it and also recognize how far we like to go and do where we would not even think about it.

But don't worry! It may sound a little complicated, but the truth is that it is not difficult at all, on the contrary, it is a road full of adventures and an endless number of sensations, like any experience of personal recognition, to recognize oneself sexually in order to share with others an optimal and pleasant sexual environment is the road to a free and full sexuality.

Self-knowledge and masturbation

One of the most effective ways to have a sexuality without shame or taboo is the self-knowledge, which can be done through masturbation, either manually or with the help of sex toys. With masturbation you can know your body and how to stimulate it in the right way to achieve the so longed for orgasm, but not only that, since with it you can also know what you like, what you don't like and consequently communicate it to your partner.

There is no other way to get to know ourselves, other than by the exploration that we can do ourselves, whatever the area we wish to know about, making greater emphasis on the sexual area, since it is in this one that there are greater biases and limitations at a social level.

Right now you are probably wondering how to start my path of self-exploration. We will help you! Next, we will mention some of the sex toys with which you can initiate yourself in self-stimulation and consequently start a sexual routine free of shame or taboo, let's start:

- Simple dildos: one of the easiest to use, perfect if you have recently entered this world of sex toys. It is a faithful imitation of the male sexual member, but in a diversity of colors, sizes and textures.

- Clitoral Stimulator: designed for those women who are clitoral, this sucker aims to lead you to get the preferred way to stimulate your organ of pleasure par excellence, your clitoris! Dare you try it?

- G-spot dildos: if on the other hand you want to explore that area which is so often mentioned by sexuality specialists today, the G-spot, this type of dildo is the most suitable for you, since thanks to its curvature it is capable of reaching this point very easily, leading you to explore an endless number of sensations.

- Penis rings: because men must also join this world of exploration and knowledge, penis rings are able to take you to experience masturbation in a totally different and innovative way.

- Chinese balls: Chinese balls train your pelvic floor and at the same time they tone your muscles, so making use of them will not only lead you to experience orgasm in a much more intense way, but they will also help you prevent diseases related to affections in the pelvic floor.


Your mind is also important

Any idea you have to get rid of the shame and taboo in your sexuality, will not be fully effective if it is not first conscious in your mind, for this it is important to take into account several factors:

- Values and beliefs: these influence the way you exercise your sexuality, since they are the set of learnings you have acquired since childhood, up to now, with respect to many aspects, among them, sexuality. If today you want to get rid of ideas that fill you with shame when exercising your sexuality, the way is to know what value or belief is conditioning this discomfort, the time is now!

- Self-esteem problems: probably, in these moments of embarrassment before some sexual practices, your self-esteem is involved. For this, you must talk to your partner and at the same time give yourself time to get to know your body, explore it and accept that which is surely diminishing all the magic of pleasure during your intimate relationships. Remember that there are even studies that show that sexual intensity has nothing to do with how your body looks to others, but how it looks to yourself.

- Communication: to communicate or to be silent, can be the difference between a sexuality full of dissatisfaction and shame or one where you feel free to express who you are and let your body flow towards pleasure. Your partner can't read your mind, so giving him some help by talking and listening to him will be the road to success for sexual fulfillment.

These are the main tools you can take to get rid of a sexuality full of shame and taboo, in which you are not free to express all your sensuality. In this sense, we can become aware that a free sexuality is endowed with self-exploration, good self-esteem, communication and a consensus between the values and beliefs of both members of the couple.

The most important thing is that if you have come this far it is because you have made the decision to give your sexuality that change it needs, go ahead! The time is now.

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