Tantric Sex

Tantra proposes a different look at sexuality, since it allows you to live it in a totally new way, so it adds that you experience intimacy under the fullness of love and consciousness in order to achieve a much more intense pleasure, since it not only concentrates the union of the genitals, but a communion body and soul that reaches a stage of intense pleasure and even healing. Let us know a little more in depth.


What is tantra?

Tantra is a set of techniques that are used specially to help the awakening of consciousness, these were compiled by Gorakh Nath who was a mystic who provided multiple contributions to this wide universe of 12 techniques, thus achieving unification and generate a much more complete understanding.

Among the different types of tantras that exist we can find:

- The Hindu tantra or Shivaita: focuses on a love for life and everything that is included in it, including sex and even death.

- The Tao: this discipline focuses on spiritual development and health care, this because it expresses that when the body is healthy energy can flow more effectively.

- The stream of sacred sex: the one that seeks to achieve sexual encounters that provide a more expanded state of consciousness

- The Buddhist Tantra: proposes the detachment of all identifications, and jointly the discard of clinging to material things and people, after this happens the great silence and the emptiness and enlightenment of the person.

How does this translate into sexual function?

Since we have understood a little of what we are talking about when we refer to tantra the question is how can I experience this in sex with my loved one? Well, the function can be a little complex, but it is what it deserves after the unparalleled results that can generate in your body and your mind.

What you should keep in mind is that in the first place in the practice of tantric sex does not believe in the existence of a superiority of gender while having intimacy, nor are there parameters of beauty to be followed, what really matters is the flow of energy in both individuals which will be the key to achieving ecstasy.

In this sense, it seems important to mention that while carrying out this process, the mind moves to a context in which only experience happiness, which consequently leads to serenity and relaxation, thus discovering in themselves and in the other the delivery of an unconditional love, this is the pure essence of tantra, lead sexuality to a much deeper and symbolic for those who decide to travel.

Tips for a better experience!

- Be aware of what you feel: paying attention to what each of your senses experience in this magical experience is a key piece, since it is through them that all the energy necessary to reach fulfillment flows. For this you can rely on the use of different products that sharpen the senses, such as: oils, aromatic candles, incense, edible body paint, among many others. Likewise, it is important that you are aware of each of the pores of your companion's skin through games that include skin and caresses.

- Concentrate on the here and now: enjoying this journey in its fullest splendor is the key to proving that it is a way to achieve experiences never before known. That is why achieving concentrate the mind and body only on what surrounds while performing tantric sex will be the way to total success towards erotic and sexual fullness, however, it is also true that the idea of this ultimate goal must also be detached during the process, since, being a purely energetic experience, keeping the idea in what you want to achieve can generate a break in the sensations.

Tantric sex and erotic producer

Trying to reach orgasm always in a traditional way can lead you to monotony and ultimately boredom, that's why you always have the opportunity to explore new ways to get to know with your partner that path where the senses run wild towards a universe of sensations. This is exactly where the use of a range of different products comes in, which we describe below and which can make your intimacy a much more erotic, pleasant and exciting moment.

- Massage oils: one of the most effective methods to reach an ideal level of excitement to experience with your partner a whole new world of pleasure from the stimulation of the skin. Do you dare to know your partner a little more and make him burst with pleasure? Try a massage oil and show him how much you can make him feel. In this category you can find: aphrodisiac oils, oils of flavors, stimulants and oils to play with the temperature.

- Creams and powders: these creams and powders have as their main objective to favor the stimulation during the sexual encounter, that is why we can find creams for the penis, anal, vaginal and aphrodisiac, cosmetic and edible powders. Each one of these products can help you achieve unmatched sensations, both for you and your partner.

- Massage kit: if you consider yourself a practical person and want to try everything at the same time, this massage kit is your best option, since in it you can find a wide range of products such as: gels, oils, creams and lubricants. With this kit you can try a new experience every day, do you dare?

Now that you have in your hands the knowledge and tools necessary to enter this wonderful world of tantric sex the latest thing is that today you make the decision and dare to experiment with each and every one of your senses of this exquisite experience.

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