Tips to ignite sexual desire
A great many aspects of daily life are immersed in sexuality, so the rhythm of our sexuality has a great impact on each of them and vice versa. That is why knowing how to keep the sexual appetite in us and in our partner on is a fundamental factor not only for the moments of intimacy with it, but for each and every one of the environments in which our lifestyle has to do.

What is sexual desire?

It is an impulse that motivates us to maintain intimacy with another person, influenced by factors such as falling in love, desire and attraction, accompanied by hormonal, psychological and physical states. Thus, each one of these elements influences if the sexual desire is intense or on the contrary is diminished and, in the same way each person lives it in a totally different way. Without sexual desire, you probably wouldn't be in front of your computer reading this article and perhaps the human species wouldn't even be able to survive on earth.

Sexual desire and masturbation

Perhaps you are thinking that desire has to do only with the desire we have for the other person, but the truth is that this is not the case, since desire is more like an energy that flows inside us like water in a stream, since it is our own and if we feel lack of it, it is because without a doubt, something is happening.
It is in this way that sexual desire even has much to do with the desire that induces you to self-exploration, which is fundamental when it comes to keeping the flame alive in sexuality with our partner, since if we do not have the slightest idea of what we like and what we do not like, we will never be able to perceive pleasure in a totally authentic way with our loved one, so sexual desire also has much to do with communication.

Factors that decrease sexual desire

- Low self-esteem: it seems logical, but many times we cannot identify when we have a low self-esteem, this can damage multiple areas of our life, where the sexual life is included, because if we are not satisfied with our own body, we cannot under any circumstance think about sharing intimacy with another person, that is why self-esteem is one of the main factors of the loss of sexual desire.

- Lack of communication: just as important as a good self-esteem, communication is a key factor in the good development of sexual desire since, as mentioned before, if we do not communicate what we like and how we like it, we can end up in maintaining tedious sexual relations and therefore be victims of the always untimely monotony, which cannot conclude more than in the loss of all sexual appetite that can exist in a relationship. Do not let it take over your lifestyle and your intimacy!

- Taking medication: remember that previously it was mentioned that sexual desire could decrease due to hormonal causes? Well, taking some medications can significantly interfere with the proper functioning of hormones and therefore decrease sex drive.

- Agitated lifestyle: high amounts of stress and decreased time for ourselves and those with whom we live as a couple can be a strong enough reason to end sexual desire. Always try to schedule in your busy schedule, a time to be with yourself and also to share with that person you love so much.

How can I increase my sensual desire with my partner?

- Get to know yourself: As we mentioned before, sexual desire is an energy, so starting with yourself is the key to providing the necessary quality to your intimacy, because only when you understand what your desires and needs are, you will be able to understand those of your beloved and in that way you will exploit every point of you and your sensuality.

- Use sex toys: a little help is not bad, and sex toys are currently a big trend among the most successful couples, since they innovate and therefore constantly experience new sensations.

- Work on your self-esteem: explore yourself and realize your sensual and erotic gifts so that you can show your partner that you are intimate, which will give him/her an impressive plus. Likewise, take into account every achievement not only in your sexual life, but also in your life in general, this will undoubtedly help you.

Erotic cosmetics and sexual desire

You don't have to throw away all your weight, there are many products in the erotic cosmetics industry that will undoubtedly help you on this magical journey of discovery and exploration. We mention some of them, so that you can choose the one you think is best suited to what you and your partner need:

- Massage oils: increasing eroticism is never more effective than through skin-to-skin contact. Perform a magical massage with these erotic oils and dare to feel new sensations.

- Creams and powders: expand your repertoire of expectations with these two incredible products, designed for different areas of the body such as the anus, vagina and penis or those that play with your senses incorporating flavors and exquisite fragrances.

- Lubricants: in many opportunities you may think that they are not necessary at all, but the truth is that, although they are not essential when it comes to vaginal sex, if they can turn out to be an indescribable sensation enhancer, do you dare to try it? On the other hand, if you want to experience anal sex, you should certainly have one on hand. Do you already know which is the best lubricant for you?

Make use of all the tools above and give your sex life that change it needs today.

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