Use of remote sex toys
Experiencing sexuality with the help of sex toys is no longer something enjoyed by a diminished group of couples, as more and more of them dare to explore this magical world. However, few know the truly powerful effect that these erotic accessories can have in transforming the style of our entire sexual and personal lives. Below, we will show you an aspect of the sex life accompanied by erotic toys that perhaps you did not know at all or, you had not dared to investigate. Join us!

What are remote sex toys?

They are a type of sexual accessory that has vibration and/or stimulation mechanisms that can be directed by remote control or some other remote device and that, in addition, makes use of specific social networks to optimize their use among users.

Why use a remote sex toy?

At present, there are more and more reasons why we should move away from our loved one, whether it is work, study or some other situation, and for many couples this can eventually culminate in a breakup, either because the passion is fading or because love is declining as a result of the same thing.

Knowing this, the sex toy industry has devised various options that will benefit you at the time of breaking with these factors that can intervene in the welfare of your relationship, as is the forced distance or even planned and that likewise in the long run can end up affecting the natural development of your life in the day to day. Among these options is that we can easily locate the use of sex toys at a distance, which, in the company of the enormous contributions of social networks provide your life as a couple and sexual a great impetus to always experience something totally new in the company of that, your loved one.

This is the reason why nowadays the distance sex toys promise to arrive to provide you with an endless number of benefits and, consequently, to stay to be part of your day to day.

What erotic toys can I find in this section?

In this wide gallery of options, you can find a lot of options, we describe the most common ones:

- Prostate Stimulators: known for their ability to reach the male P-spot, which causes a stir because of the immense pleasure that can be experienced if stimulated properly and because of the benefits it has in preventing prostate cancer.

- Sucker: recommended for those clitoral women, since this sex toy is specifically designed for clitoral stimulation.

- Vibrator: is an erotic accessory that in itself provides sexual pleasure by stimulating specific areas from vibratory patterns.
- Anal Plug: because anal sex is also a reality at a distance, with this wonderful remote controlled accessory you can stimulate your partner's anus no matter where he is, for pleasure there are no excuses anymore!

- Rampant bunny: this magnificent sexual ally will make stimulation a totally satisfactory world, since with it you will not only receive pleasure in a specific area, but it is capable of stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time. Can you imagine this, but with your loved one controlling it from a distance? Amazing!

- Chinese balls: this is, along with the vibrating bullets perhaps, the erotic toy that can be controlled from a distance that offers you the most possibilities, despite being even one of the smallest. This last one is what gives it that power. Don't be fooled by its appearance! Because you can take it with you, totally unnoticed, you can increase the play and eroticism between you and your partner so that you can live a totally innovative adventure, no matter how far away you are from each other.

How to use a remote sex toy?

Using one of these allies is very easy, and depends a lot on the type of distance sex toy you acquire, since many of them have a mechanism or benefits of different categories. For example, you may come across a type that is easy to use via the internet platform or another that you can enjoy via the social network Skype. There are also some that allow you to maintain a connection to your computer through a Bluetooth USB adapter.

The options are wide and interesting, you can even implement it as a sexual game in which no matter if you and your partner come home in the afternoon or night, you implement erotic games during the day, in the working day. Do you dare to live this magical experience?

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