Which sex toys are for individual use and which ones benefit men and women equally?
Entering the world of pleasure is a process that requires exploration, not only with your partner, but also with you, in the solitude and intimacy of your bedroom. Join us below to learn how you can work on it individually and together with your partner.

Step by step

Probably, before embarking on the world of pleasure, many questions are going through your mind and, in addition, you wonder about what you really want, this is totally normal, since in many opportunities we do not take the necessary time and, much safer, due to the pace of life that today leads, we do not explore our body, nor do we care to know that path that leads us to explore the unprecedented pleasure.

But there is nothing to worry about, it is never too late to make decisions that change our lifestyle and also make us broaden our horizons, even those that lead us to explore things that we might have rejected at some point. Have you ever imagined using a sex toy that is able to stimulate three points simultaneously? Or, better yet, you only achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation and have you ever imagined that there could be a sex toy that is specially designed for clitoral stimulation, and that is also completely willing to help you on this path of ecstasy in a totally renewing, exciting and dazzling way? Well, yes! All this is perfectly possible, you just have to make the decision to listen to yourself and also let others listen to you; the key is always in communication: intrapersonal and interpersonal.


It's a matter of choice

In the sex toy industry, there are endless options for whatever your tastes and desires, then, our intention is to open before you a panorama of possibilities for pleasure, self-knowledge and exploration, this time we will separate it into two sections: for men and for women, so you can quickly identify what is best suited to you, join us!

  • Sex toys for women:

- Clitoral Sucker: arrived about sixteen years ago to our sex toy industry, revolutionizing clitoral stimulation, making you reach incredible sensations without even touching it with your hand. Had you ever contemplated this possibility? It's totally possible!

- Realistic dildos or dildos: if you want an experience that is not far from the real thing, but in which you have absolute control, this type of dildo is ideal for you, because with it you can experience everything that a real sexual experience can give you, adding to this an impressive level of self-exploration. What are you waiting to venture?

- Rampant bunny: one of the most multifaceted sex toys that you can find in the market, these are able to stimulate not only one area, but three, that's right! With the rampant bunny you can stimulate your clitoris, the G-spot and the inside of the vagina, amazing!

  • Sex toys for men:

- Penis rings: this is one of the most recommended male toys, as it not only helps you feel pleasure in a different way, but also gives your erection a plus, helping your penis to a better circulation, which translates into a bigger size and longer duration.

- Prostate stimulator: remembering and taking into account that male pleasure, as well as female pleasure, is not only focused on the genitals, the prostate stimulator arrives to the sexuality industry to direct you towards new sensations, pleasures and stimuli that you will definitely want to try again.

- Male vibrator: totally innovative and ready to get you out of the heavy monotony, the male vibrator is, without a doubt, your ideal ally. These vibrators are specialized in stimulating the P-zone, located in the prostate area.

Because sometimes it's better with company

We have talked about a number of sex toys designed openly for use in intimacy, but what about those who prefer to enjoy in company? Well, there are also a number of sex toys specially designed for use as a couple. We show them below:

- Hollow harnesses: this sex toy is designed for the benefit of both, in what way? To the man, it provides a greater sense of security and to the woman, new sensations and ways to experience pleasure with your partner. With a hollow harness a man can increase the size of his penis and it is also very useful for those men with difficulties in the erection process.

- Lingerie: although they are not strictly speaking a sex toy, lingerie helps a lot in intimacy with your partner, since, with their help, you can highlight your most sensual attributes and overflow your partner's senses. 

- Handcuffs and BDSM lingerie: nowadays, there are countless new ways to experience pleasure. BDSM allows you to experience, together with your partner, a wide range of new experiences.

Now that you have reached this point, surely in your mind a lot of ideas have arisen and you have decided to be part of that group of people who today explore their sexuality to the fullest and, therefore, lead a completely different life. Dare to try new experiences!

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