Stainless Steel Unalome Lotus Necklace

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Metal Color: Rose Gold
US$22 US$44


Materials: Hand crafted using stainless steel and 14k gold plated stainless steel

Pendant length: 1.5 in
Pendant width: 0.8 in
Stainless steel chain: 18 in + 2 in

"Transforming the wonders of the universe into immaculate beauty"

We created this piece as a reminder that you are on the most magnificent journey the universe has to offer, and that no matter where you find yourself... you are always on the path.

In Buddhism, the Unalome holds within it the entire philosophy of human existence... Unalome represents the path we undergo in life. As many of us experience, this path can be winding and may even feel convoluted at times. However, eventually it ends in a straight path; symbolizing freedom and enlightenment. 

We topped this beautiful Unalome with the Lotus Flower, one of the most significant symbols in Buddhism. The Lotus grows deep in mud, hidden from the sun... Despite this, it fights its way upward toward the light and blooms into a magnificently beautiful flower. The Lotus represents both the birth from source as well as the achievement of enlightenment.

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